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Hunting Black Bear in BC starts right here.

  Tatlayoko Lake is situated between the Coast Mountains and Chilko River where the Black Bears grow large eating the abundant berries , fish and rancher's clover .  The large  trophy Black Bears  grow prime fur due to the long cold winters and can carry that luxurious pelt though to the end of June.


 Here at Skinner Creek Hunts we use the whole day to hunt these trophy  black bears, using every possible means at our disposal. Our area is a two bear area. Because of the abundance of  BC  Black Bears, expect to see lots of  big black bears and have constant action, from dawn to dusk. Most of our spot and stalking of these trophy  black bears is done in the evening and the daytime is spent  hunting with my fine pack of hounds.


The hound hunts for  BC Trophy Black Bear


 The way we hunt trophy BC Black Bears with hounds is by having the dogs ride in the dog box and smell for bears or even black bear tracks that have crossed the road. When the strike dogs let us know there is a black bear in the area the hounds are let go to find the track and pursue the bear to a tree or a bayup on the ground. When the dogs have done their job we walk in to check out the action and assess the quality of black bear up close. The decision is then made to take that black bear or let it walk. This is truly catch and release hunting.


 BC Black bear hunts at Skinner Creek are 6 days in length.


Wolf hunting at Skinner Creek Hunts is mainly done over bait. The blinds have comfortable seating and heat which is awesome on those cold winter days. Bait sitting is done for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening unless the hunter is good for the long haul. 


This hunt is 6 days long and unlimited tags are over the counter. It is suggested that at least 2 tags are purchased for a hunt like this. Often, if the wolves are hitting the bait stations, they come in packs and can show up daily giving ample opportunities for the hunter. 


Although we can hunt wolves here year round the bait stations are out from December  1st unil the end of March.


Shots will be 150 to 200 yards and can be set out to 700 yards if you are a long range shooter, we tailor wolf hunts for the long range enthusiasts if asked.


Flying in and out of Williams Lake BC is the preferred airport for this hunt. It's only 2 ½ hours away from Skinner Creek Hunts.

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