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Mule Deer hunts at Skinner Creek


 Mule deer are hunted from September through November with rifle, muzzleloader, or bow. Bow only season is the first 10 days of December. Trophy mule deer hunts are six days of hunting with one travel day before and after.  Early season Mule Deer are hunted from Skinner Creeks alpine camps where the hunters will stay at our cabin  and hunt deer on horse and on foot.


Hunters also have the choice of spike camping if the weather is good and you want to look over some untouched country.


 This time of year is a great time to spend in the Coastal Mountains pursuing  BC's large game animals.


Late season trophy Mule Deer are hunted from the main ranch. 4x4 trucks and atv's are used to cover ground, and glassing and stalking are the most common ways of hunting. Accessing ranches to find the trophy bucks and hiking the deer's wintering grounds are sure ways of finding  the big bucks that are chasing does around during the rut.

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