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Canadian Moose at Skinner Creek is best hunted through the first two weeks of October when the rut is in full swing and the bulls are cruising looking for cows. Stalking and calling are the preferred method of hunting this time of year.  Hunting  moose into November can be productive as well, as fresh snow can bring good opportunity to track the  bulls as they start to group back up into their bachelor herds. Bulls' antlers reach fifty inches and tend to have nice wide palms and good points. This hunt can be a ranch based hunt or an Alpine camp hunt which horses  are the main source of transportation


This hunt is best  combined with Mule Deer or black bear as chances of finding a nice buck or bear are good and a wolf tag is a must to have in your pocket.


This hunt is 10 days in length plus a travel day on each end.


This hunt is typically a 1 on 1 hunt hunt, but a 2 on 1 could be arranged as well. 

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