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  The past two years have given me a different look at the guiding industry and disabled hunters. The spring of 2010 I talked to Tred Barta who was looking to kill a  BC black bear for his show, The Best and Worst of Tred Barta. The talk of him getting a bear with his longbow from his wheelchair without bait was the topic of conversation. I figured with the aid of my hounds and a week to get it done the possibility of treeing a bear in a decent area and with enough manpower, I could make this happen. And sure enough Tred killed a nice boar black bear.


 2011 came and Tred was looking to do another hunt. This time I had lined up a electric wheelchair with tracks to get Tred around on this hunt, hopefully with a lot less man power. Action Track Chair came through big time and once again Tred killed a huge boar and as well, found a new type of freedom from this great chair.


 My family and I made the commitment to helping disabled hunters fulfill their dreams of hunting big game, exchanging their ground blinds for hounds. We then started  changing  a cabin and the house to be disabled friendly, adding wheelchair ramps and converting the cabin bathroom


 Skinner Creek Hunts is offering Moose, Mule Deer and  Trophy Black Bear hunts to wheelchair bound hunters an now has added the ability to hunt Cougar and Lynx to the list of to do's for avid disabled hunters.


Tred came Febuary 2012 and and made history with killing a Canadian Lynx with his longbow from his Renegade wheelchair. Once again with a lot of work we proved anything can be done.


Contact us for more information, pricing and availibilty of your chosen hunts.

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